Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We started the new year with snow and it is beautiful, some is still around. The elk have been hungry and around frequently. I do enjoy living here.

I have one book to add to my previous post.

God the Reason, by Timothy Keller

Mr. Keller does an excellent job of showing the reasonableness of faith in the Creator God, and the unreasonableness of denying this God. I enjoyed this book and will return to it.

I received this book for review from the publisher.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's certainly been a long time sense I've blogged. but I'm ready to start again.

Lately I've read some good books on apologetics and am sharing them here for anyone that might be interested.

Thank God for Atheists by Timothy Morgan
     Mr. Morgan is a man who became disillusioned with God and desired to become an true non-  
     believer. In this book he shares what he learned in thorough investigation of atheism and
     agnosticism. He did a through job and shared his insights from history; from Friedrick Nittzsche;
     Bertrand Russell; Sam Harris; and Richard Dawkins. His conclusion was that there wasn't
     enough evidence for their beliefs.
I received this book from the publisher for review purposes.

The Box by Craig Biehl
      This book gave good insights into how to share Biblical truth with atheists/agnostics. He used
       a conversational approach which, of course, would probably never go so easily, however, it was
I received this book from the publisher for review purposes.

Keeping Your Kids on God's Side by Natasha Crain.
      Mrs. Crain is a mom and a blogger who realized that many who grew up in Christ believing 
      homes are walking away from their faith as young adults. She realized that many were not   
      teaching their children how the thing critically about what they believe. This is a book that will  
      guide parents into discussions with their children about why they believe what they believe. She
      is through in covering topics that we should all be thinking through. I think this is a good book for
      anyone to  know what they believe enough to help them understand how to defend their faith.
I received this book from the publisher for review purposes

The Beckoning by Michael Minot
     Mr. Minot shares what he learned in examining the Truths of God which cause him to turn from
     atheism to belief in God.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A 6 Year Old Prays for Her Enemies

Ruby Bridges
…In 1960 a federal judge ordered the all-white schools in
New Orleans to admit African American students. After several delays a black
first-grader, Ruby Bridges, entered William T. Frantz School. Each day Ruby
went into the school and left it through a howling mob. She was subjected to
violent and vile language. Foul names and curses were hurled at her. People
shook their fist, and screamed that they were going to kill her. Robert Coles,
the now-famous psychiatrist, went to the school, initially out of curiosity,
and observed the calm and dignity with which Ruby passed through the mob. He
interviewed her teacher, her parents and finally Ruby herself.
The teacher told Coles that she had seen Ruby talking to
people in the street, but when Coles asked Ruby about it she said that she
wasn’t talking to them, she was praying for them. Ruby explained that her
parents and her minister said that she ought to pray for such people because
“they needed praying for.” Coles was perplexed, but on one occasion his wife
helpfully asked: “What would you do if you were going through a mob like that
twice a day?” She construed this scenario: “What would you do if to get to the
Harvard Club in the morning and leave it in the afternoon you had to go through
those mobs and even the police wouldn’t protect you?” Coles decide that
the first thing he would do in a situation like that was to call the police.
“But Ruby couldn’t call the police. The police were on the side of the mobs.”
The second thing he thought he would do was to get a lawyer. “Ruby had no
lawyer. Ruby had not even been born at the hands of a doctor.” The third thing
Coles thought he would attempt would be to use his training, his knowledge, and
his skill with language against these people. He would expose their sickness
and marginal intelligence. “But Ruby did not have the language of sociology or
psychology to turn on this crowd. She would not even call them rednecks.” The
fourth thing Coles told his wife he might do in Ruby’s circumstances would be
to write an article about it, maybe even turn it into a book. “But Ruby was
just learning to read and write.” What Ruby did was to pray for them, not only
as she passed through their mindless rage twice a day, but at night before she
went to bed. She told Coles that she should especially be the one to pray for
them. When he asked why, she said, “Because if you go through what they are
doing to you, you’re the one who should be praying for them…The minister said
that Jesus went through a lot of trouble, and forgive them, because they didn’t
know what they’re doing.”

Thursday, February 23, 2012

He loves us

I've read a bit by Jan Hatmaker lately and I have to say I like this woman. She is real, honest, and loves the Lord. Her book "Ms. Understood" speaks of God's love for the women that He created.
I was encouraged and challenged by the following:

God weaves His Spirit differently through every story. He intersects the lives of His daughters with unique favor. Every woman is crowned with a special honor from Christ. He loves you in a very personal, very individual way. Where and how He stepped into you time line was for you, and only you can tell of it. Make no mistake, you are highly favored. Mary delivered the Son, but the Son delivered you. It is not possible to be more privileged than that.
Sometimes God sweeps majestically into our lives with large motions and life-saving redemption. But He also loves us in quiet, sweet ways, and we fail to notice. "I Challenge you to notice the small occurences in your life," wrote Jacqueline Jakes. "The smell of water, the scent of soap, the cleanliness of your space,the warmth of sunlight, the still of night , the sound of music, the smile of a child,and the millions of events that make this life bearable and blessed."

You'll find these paragraphs and a few more on page 186-187 of her book, she concludes with:

..In the end, love will be the victor, triumphing over sin, hatred, all that was wrecked on earth. Every movement of God ever was motivated by love. No truth will change your life more than that. You may acknowledge His sovereignty or power. You might get His strength or plans for His kingdom. But until you accept you much He loves you, you really don't know Him at all.

Her ending of the book is:

It is time to give Jesus what He paid for:you. Whole, beautiful, healthy you. He'll fight for your honor and defend your cause. You just be. You just be the amazing, stunning woman you are. Celebrate your femininity. Enjoy it. Embrace every wonderful facet God instilled in you. Cherish all that is divine about being a girl, and then tilt your face toward heaven and bless the One who created you, treasured one. You are wonderful and beloved; God adores you. The end.

Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1

He loves us, He really does!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More from Larry Crabb...

A few nuggets from "66 Love Letters" by Larry Crabb.

"God, I believe, help my unbelief. I hope, help my hopelessness. I love, help my lack of love." Pg. 124

I like this because I struggle with these things daily, but I do believe, hope and trust.

My justice serves the deeper purposes of My love. Always." pg. 125

I often don't understand His justice, but I can trust in it.

"I am wispering My love to you in your pleasures as a mother quietly sings over a child in her arms. But I want you to grow up." pg. 126

I like this picture. As a mom I do enjoy comforting my child and giving him/her joy, but I also know that he/she needs to grow up and I must help in that, often more difficult, process. Of course God doesn't just help in it, He designs what is needed for my growth.

Saturday, January 07, 2012


I got a new book recently. "The Power of words and the Wonder of God." It's essays,written by various leaders,on words. The first one is by Paul Tripp and gave me much to think on.

He mentions that the Bible is "... a story. A grand narrative of redemption." He tells us that this is to give us a "God's story mentality. This means that in the situations and relationships where God has placed us, we are to live in a way that is consistent with the plot of God's story."

I like that.

He also talks about speaking out of the kingdom of God's love or the kingdom of our own selfish desires. An interesting thing to be aware of throughout the day.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

...all things for His good

I recently read a short biography of John Owen and it mentioned that he expended great effort to get John Bunyon out of prison. He couldn't see what good purpose there was in his being there. He needed to be out preaching and taking care of his family. God had different plans though. It was in this imprisonment that Bunyon wrote "Pilgrim's Progress." A book that has blessed and encouraged many generations of believers.

John Piper has a quote in "The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God," that has been a continual encouragment to me. "Beware, Jamima, God is kind in ways that will not fit your mind."

At present many brothers and sisters around the world are in prison for their faith. One that has become special to me is Asia Bibi. She was imprisoned in 2009 for sharing of her faith. She is in a Pakistan prison for blasphemy. She has a husband and three children who she is not able to care for. However, she spends much time fasting and praying for her family, fellow believers, those who turned her in, those in authority, her country and believers around the world. What good purpose could God have in her circumstances? Eternity may only tell but she will one of God's sparkling jewels in Heaven.

You can Bing Asia Bibi for more of her story.